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Succes for AASE students at junior Europea Cup Lithuania 2015

Congratulations to Jodie Caller -57kg (silver) and Connor Potts -55kg (bronze)

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Micro stretching

I often see judo players receiving Physio or having a massage from therapists.  Treating injuries is very important to assist athletes to recover and for regeneration of damaged muscles etc. what I don’t get is why therapists apply so much pressure to damaged areas that the athlete is in even more pain. Maybe micro stretching is the answer?

BJA Level 1 coaching award

BJA Level 1 coaching award

Theory now complete red, just have to finish safeguarding course and first aid and we will have a new batch of coaches. Thanks to Keith Merrick for all his help and support for arranging this excellent opportunity.

EJU level 4 and 5 coaching qualifications

I just wanted to post about my experience of completing the level 4 qualification a few years ago. It’s around this time of year that Dr Mike Callan and Mr Bob Challis start looking for new students for their suite of qualifications. There have been a few blog entries on the judospace website recently and just thought I would add a few personal thoughts from my own experience as a student. I was apprehensive initially as I doubted my own judo ability and questioned wether I would be capable of completing the course. As well as the coaching qualification there was a foundation degree to complete. I had not participated in any form of higher education since leaving school so was a little nervous. I found the lectures very informative and received lots of help and advice from my tutors and Colleagues. The judo specific content was second to none. I think from memory I worked with over 10 world champions, including Kosei Inoue and worked behind the scenes with the EJU at the senior european championships in Istanbul turkey. My knowledge of technical and tactical judo increased beyond belief and left me feeling that I truly had only just began to learn about judo after 30+ years in the sport. Ok my grades in the course work were not the highest but I did complete my degree, which is something I am very proud of. The biggest thing for me though were the friends I made from all over the world who I still keep in touch with today. So if you are in 2 minds, I would definitely say “go for it” you will be happy you did. (And no, I am not getting paid for this LOL).


Fallon Master Class Tomoe-Nage – Places still available




Places still available – please email:        for an application form

Fallon Masterclass Tomoe-Nage – POSTER

Please pass this on to anyone who may be interested in attending – 02nd september 2012

Craig Fallon – Masterclass – Tomoe-Nage

A masterclass on Tomoe-Nage with Craig Fallon – 02nd September 2012 – University of Wolverhampton (walsall judo centre)

For more information please email:

or paste the link below into your browser