From the 16th July 2012 the Australian Olympic Judo team were hosted at the University of Wolverhampton for a Pre Games Training Camp before the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Arnie Dickens (-60), Ivo Dos Santos (-66), Mark Anthony (-90) Daniel Kelly (-100) Jake Andrewartha (+100) Carli Renzi (-57), Stewart Brain (Head Coach) Tom Hill (coach) and Dennis Iverson (coach) made up the team of coaches and players.

Daily training sessions were held at the Walsall campus dojo with lots of Uchi-Komi and Nage-Komi the main content of the training sessions. Myself and Fitzroy Davies the coaches at Walsall ensured that the team worked hard in their final preparations before the games.

Each evening we took the team to various clubs around the country for hard randori.

Monday evening – Ryecroft Judo Club – NOTTINGHAM



Tuesday – Hardy Spicer Judo Club – BIRMINGHAM

Wednesday – England ExCell open randori – WALSALL


Thursday – Bath University – BATH

Friday – Erdington Judo Club – ERDINGTON


On the final weekend some rest and relaxation were in order with a visit to the Black Country Museum, a tour of Wolverhampton Wanderers and a visit to the Perry Barr Greyhound stadium.




We depart for the Olympic Village today and I would like to send my very best wishes to the Australian team and hope they can do themselves proud. They were a pleasure to host and went out of their way to engage with the local community, signing pictures, doing school assemblies and judo demonstrations for children and promoting the sport in such a positive fashion. I would also like to thank all the clubs that hosted the team for open randori who did their best to ensure there were plenty of partners for randori.

GOOD LUCK TEAM AUSTRALIA – But not too much luck against TEAM GB !!!!!!

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