Breakercise & Judo


I thought I would post today about a really brilliant session at Judo today. We had a visitor “Kiddo” who was a member of Wolverhampton’s famous BBoy  breakdancing crew. He came a few weeks earlier to look at some ideas around incorporating breakdancing movement into Judo to see if anything could help improve the players ability on the mat. Thinking outside the box can sometimes throw up something new and also gives the players a break from the normal routine. During the session we looked at ways of transitioning in ne-waza from an all fours kneeling position facing the floor (which is a poor defence in Judo), to an upright defensive position facing your opponent. I reckon we cut down this movement by at  least 1 or 2 seconds, which could prove crucial in a contest scenario. We also picked up some fantastic wrist strength and balancing exercises which I had never seen before. I have posted a video – OLD SCHOOL ! of our breakdancing friend in action, I wont tell you which one he is though 🙂

I feel that you should always be willing to try new ideas and look at other sports and activities to find a new edge. One other interesting sport that I feel would help Judoka is Boxing. Their direction of movement and they way they move their feet is definately something I want to have a look at in the future, so if there are any Boxers out there willing to offer some free advice, post me a message 🙂

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