Europeans Update

update from the draw a while ago
Please forgive some spelling and names but we were far away from the projector screen and I am knackered so please forgive any errors

Ashley Mckenzie v mushkiev (AZE) and he has Mooren and Davytan in his side of draw
Fallon bye first round then Zanggrodvik (POL)
Oates bye first round
williams bye first round then Stavshy
Livesey bye first round then Merdic
Burton Bye then Musil (CZE)
Reed v Magemadov (RUS) no luck for Tom
Gordon Bye then Lagner (FRA)
Pursey v Bemarenco (MDA)
Austin v Boradanko (LAT)
Sherrington v Kazanashvilli (GEO)

Cox v Gneto (FRA)
Howell v Tanza (MNE)
Clark v someone from (IRI) missed the name
Pitman v Emane (FRA)
Fletcher v Barbarie (ITA)
Gibbons v Decosse (FRA)
Adlington v Mondiere (FRA)

Also attended the referee briefing and the message from the head ref was let the judoka do their Judo and try not to award penalties but make sure that touching leg penalties are adhered to. Dont worry if you make mistakes as the referee care sytem is there to help the referee’s in any close calls, let ne waza go for an extra few seconds and also action on the edge of the mat.

450+ competitors from 45 nations – its going to be busy

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