Over Training?

Here is some excellent advice from Matt D’Aquino – subscribe to his judo tips, there is some excellent tips and advice for judo players to follow.

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Every Judoka who trains relatively hard, has at some stage, suffered from overtraining. Many Judokas suffer from overtraining because Judo is a sport where you train at a high intensity and you push your body to the limit. You may also suffer from overtraining if you are dieting for an upcoming tournament, have trouble sleeping or have a lot of stress in their everyday life.

Overtraining is very serious condition especially for athletes who are training for a certain competition because overtraining will decrease your performance on and off the mat.

When you are overtrained you may suffer from a few of the following warning signs:
– Increase resting heart rate
– Little or no motivation to train
– Catching colds, sore throats or the flu more    often
– Begin disliking the sport
– Increase in the likelihood of injuries
– Sore and aching muscles
– Sore and aching joints
– Depression
– Lethargy
– Mood swings
– Insomnia (can’t sleep)
– No or little appetite

If you are overtrained, you must rest. Give your body some rest and once you are feeling better you may begin training again.

To avoid suffering from overtraining you must listen to your body. I like to record my heart rate every morning. If my heart rate is above average then I pay close attention to how I am feeling, how my appetite is and how my body responds during light exercise. If my limbs are heavy and lethargic and my heart rate is easy to increase I know that I am slightly over trained and need to cater the session accordingly.

In the end, listen to your body. If you eat healthy foods, get plenty of rest and you should be fine


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