Day 12

Day 12


This was our last randori this afternoon and I think the boys were up for it as they wanted to go out on a high.




Uchi Komi, Uchi Komi combinations and speed Uchi Komi

10 x 6 minute randori

20 minutes ne waza randori 5 Ippon wins and you can rest


We took time out at the end to get some nice photos of the Tsukuba judo team with ourselves, they have been great hosts.


I wanted to quickly summarise the judo, the main things that strike you are that everyone already has great technique when they get to tsukuba, there is no need for technique sessions, although I am not entirely convinced that they don’t do any at all, we just didn’t see any whilst we were here,  the uchi komi, nage komi and randori techniques are exactly the same and usually one on 5 core techniques, uchi mata, o uchi gari, tai o toshi, o soto gari and seoi nage, anything else are just spin offs from these techniques. The intensity in practice is always high, uchi komi, nage komi randori is always as hard as it can possibly be, especially when Mr Okada and Mr Masuchi are watching.


The main thing for me though was that everything is student led, the coaches do nothing other than write out the menu for the sessions i.e. what they have got to do, everything is then led by the students, even down to the running on the track. It really is a total contrast to our young players back at home, I very rarely see self starters or people taking the lead, everyone always seems to have to wait for the coach to arrive or for the coach to lead the sessions, our players won’t do anything until they are told to do it. It would be a lovely surprise to arrive for training and already see the students training without being asked; maybe it’s a cultural thing?


Its the randori though for me that sets the Japanese apart, they all try to throw for Ippon in randori every training session, they are not bothered about getting beaten, countered or thrown, if they get beaten up they don’t lose their temper, they get up and ask the partner to go again.  I have seen 2 judo players have 4 randori on the trot with no break in between that’s 24 minutes solid with the same partner, just because one of them wants to get even with the other, There is no winning or losing just practice. They do randori for 2 to 3 hours, 6 days a week of a very high intensity and this is what makes them judo fit and physically hardened ready for judo competition and no one is sitting on the sidelines injured, I have seen a world champion Akimoto u73kg who has an injured shoulder, work on uchi komi only for 2 weeks solid even though he has an injured shoulder, he has worked as hard on turning in and out as all the other players doing randori. Its this desire that makes these players win.  I also made sure I got a picture with me and another world champion from Tsukuba Mr Akimoto.


Apparently there is a Japanese player the boys think looks like Jack Kelly?


What do you reckon?


Also do you recognise the person being held down by one of the girl players? I will post the answer tomorrow.


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