Day 10

Spent the morning on our own doing a technical session at 9.00am. We then left to get some ” bacon and egg’ again as we miss it so much. After we had stuffed ourselves stupid with sandwiches, cakes and ice creams we went for a relax in readiness for the late afternoon randori. On the way back to the training lodge we stopped at the lake and threw some bread into the water and about 30 huge coy carp averaging 10/12lbs each, at one stage we had them sucking our fingers when we wiggled them in the water. Fitz is now decided that next time he comes the first thing in his case is his fishing rod.

Randori was 5 minute warm up then 4 x 8 minute newaza randori, then 10 minutes uchi komi then straight in to tachi waza randori, the usual time 10 x 6 minute randori.

After the session the japanese spend a lot of time stretching on the mat mainly focusing on the hips, you will realise this when you see how much the hips are used in their judo techniques, so much power comes from the hips in uchi komi, nage komi and randori.

The boys coped well again, Max tried to rest but every time he went to get a drink a japanese student would grab him, so i dont think he rested one all night. There was one of the visiting girls team coaches on the mat who looked about 55 kilos and looked a bit of a geek, Seb was the first to randori with him – OMG  Seb took some flying lessons from him, then Lucas was next, bang, bang, bang the master took him to school and gave him a throwing lesson.  The coach is staying in the same lodge as us and manages a Japanese womens team and to make it worse he is nearly 40 years old, he must have been some player in is youth.

Technical training again in the morning then randori (the last one) on the afternoon as we are sightseeing etc the weekend, myself, fitz and Bill are going to an under 14’s competition with Mr Okada and his son who is competing at the event, so yes we are spending the weekend at a Judo competition, seems familiar ?????


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