Day 9

Day 9


Today at the University there were lots of bands playing live music around the campus, Fitz reckoned that it all sounded terrible. We saw some huge coy carp in one of the lakes. We then had to detour into Tsukuba to find a fishing rod and some bait as Fitz as everyone knows loves his fishing. We looked around the supermarket and found a rod but it was for sea fishing and not suitable so we left it and just bought the cheapest loaf of bread we could find and we are going to try and feed the fish tomorrow and try and get them to the surface of the water. Its amazing that it doesn’t matter what time of day it is here there are people training, on the track running, playing tennis, handball and football, the athletes here seem very driven and all are self starters, they don’t have to be old to train they do it all off their own steam.


Randori was at 3.00pm tonight as per usual for a Wednesday,


3pm to 3.10 pm – General warm up

3.10 to 3.15 – Stretching

3.15 to 3.20 – Ukemi

3.20 to 3.40 – Uchi Komi and Uchi Komi combinations

3.40 to 4.40 – 10 x 6 minute randori

4.40 to 5pm – 3 person power Uchi Komi


Again the lads did better tonight in randori, Max had the same person twice and gave him a dusting over, the Japanese boy got really agitated and kicked the wall in frustration, then asked Max for another fight and Max said no so he stormed off in to the changing rooms. He came out later and shook Max’s hand which was nice to see, however I hope Max is on the ball tomorrow as I have a funny feeling the Japanese boy is going to be asking him for a practice. Seb got battered by a really strong player who smashed his head into the wood, strangled him in Newaza even though it was Tachi waza randori and arm locked him, again after the randori he shook Sebs hand as if to say well done you came to fight.





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