Day 8

Well we finally managed to find it, the hallowed “bacon and egg” sandwich, im sure Bill has one of those noses that the pigs have for finding truffles, only his senses detect bacon and egg. Well 4 hot sandwiches later we managed to get back to the dorms for a sleep. We also managed to find some free wi-fi at the university. Not much else to do today so another walk around the campus exploring.

Randori began as usual at 4.45pm, Mr Masuchi was missing from the previous nights randori as he wa teaching at a medical school who have their own dojo and he goes there occasionally to teach. He also mentioned that Tsukuba is the top judo University when they fight in team events when they have set weight categories i.e. 60, 66, 73 etc as they have good players in most of the light/middleweights, however when its open category they lose out to Tokai University as they have lots of good heavyweights.

Tonights menu

20 minutes warm up

20 minutes uchikomi

10 minutes speed uchikomi

10 x 6 minute randoris

5 minutes newaza uchikomi

20 minutes newaza randori (ippon change)

The boys are now getting asked for practices by the japanese students, I think this is because we have been coming every night and they are finding our guys a harder practice now they have acclimatised, its much better now as they don’t miss any of the randori and they are having some success, Max threw one japanese guy for ippon 3 times which is very rare, but they all seem to be doing much better. As Mr Masuchi was in attendance again tonight the intensity of the session was spot on again, no fooling around, strictly business, these Japanese boys and girls really do take their training seriously.

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