Day 6

Day 6

Being Sunday we had a day of rest, we had gone to bed by 10.30pm the night before and we didn’t get up until after 12 noon today. I think the time difference and waking up early in the morning at 3am is taking its toll, anyway I think we caught up on our missed sleep.

We headed off in search of a shop that sells Tsukuba University T-shirts, tracksuits and other merchandise that we were told was on campus. We walked from 12.30pm to around 5.30pm and never left the University campus this place is so big. There are eight lakes, 7 gymnasiums or sports centres, an energy plant, a hospital, indoor and outdoor pools (both with diving boards) and a waste disposal plant.  These are the individual schools or departments based at the University:


School of humanities and culture

School of Social and international studies

School of Human sciences

School of Life and environmental services

School of  Science and engineering

School of Informatics

School of Medicine and medical science

School of health and physical education

School of art and design


These are then all split into separate departments so in total there are 9schools and 23 separate colleges in total covering 258 hectares. We are in for an early night again tonight as we have to be up for 6am as we are joining the Japanese judo players for a running session on the track at 7.00am and then randori again at 4.45pm.



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