Day 5

Day 5


Today we set out for Tokyo on the Tsukuba Express train. We left at 9.30am and it took us about an hour to get to Akihabara electrical city. We got off the train and went into the first electrical department store. It had 9 floors and all of them were full of electrical goods, anything from TV’s, to washing machines, DVD players, massage chairs which Bill liked as it rubbed his bad back. It was amazing how much stuff there was and it was all the latest 3D TVs and new game consoles etc. After spending a while in Akihabara we took the JR line to visit the Kodokan. Its strange that its on the main high street in an office block type building. We went inside and stopped at the shop where we purchased judo suits belts, mementos. Then in the lift to the 4th floor, where we tried to enter one of the judo halls but the man on reception desk would not let us in as they were doing some Kata. We then went up to the 8th floor which was the only one the public were allowed in and there was a junior session due to start at 4.00pm but we didn’t want to sit around for 3 hours so we decided to leave. The whole Kodokan experience was a bit of a let down, you thought they may have let us have a bit more of a look around bearing in mind we had travelled half way round the world to get there. Next to the Kodokan was a huge fun fair with rollercoaster’s etc which again was a bit strange. It was then a short stay in an English pub type restaurant for some fish and chips. It was the back on the JR line to find the Mizuno shop. After about what felt like 4 hours we gave up as we couldn’t find it, every person we asked gave us different directions and I think we walked round most of central Tokyo. Last stop was back on the train to Ueno station to have a final look around the department stores and shops. It has been snowing and raining all day and we are getting a bit tired so we decided to come back. Catching the trains is an experience in itself  and for less experienced travellers it would be a bit of a nightmare as there are not many people at all that speak English.


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