Day 4

Day 4


Randori is 9.30am this morning instead of 4.45pm as the coaches from the University are going to Tokyo for a graduation ceremony. Again at least 80 Dan grades on the mat and all trying to kill each other. The same structure again as yesterday, very high intensity to the randori, I saw one Japanese fellow who practiced with the same person for around 30 minutes non-stop, he was really giving it to his partner, piling him into the mat, pulling him back to his feet without loosing hold of his opponents jacket and then throwing him again and again, he must have done something to upset him. Seb has broken his little toe and its giving him some grief, but he has a couple of days now to rest it as we wont be back on the mat now until Monday. The lads think they have another randori at 4.45pm but we haven’t told them yet, its going to be a nice surprise I think when they know they don’t have to endure another 2 hour torture session on the same day. Myself Bill and Fitz are taking them out tonight for something to eat, hopefully a Pizza as I can’t stomach any more animal guts soup and chilli peppers, plus its snowing again!



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