Day 2

Day 2


Had a good lie in today, everyone got lots of sleep. We all caught the bus to Tsukuba centre to take a look around the shops. First stop was the food court where I grabbed a burger, Fitz and Bill went Japanese style with prawns, sweet and sour, shumai (spring roll type  snack) oh and a burger.  Then on to the supermarket to get some food supplies, bread, ham, cheese, cerial etc, Bill and Fitz also had some large deep fried prawns.


Went in search of internet wifi and managed to get  1 hour of internet for 200yen from a mobile phone shop (hence the earlier report). We caught the bus back to the University in time for a quick rest before the late afternoon randori session.


Randori was a similar structure to previous night except no Ne-waza.

The big name players were missing today as they meet up in Tokyo with Mr Shinohara and some of the other Japan national team players, however there were still 50 dan grades on the mat.


The lads seemed much brighter at tonight’s  session because of the good sleep the night before, they also managed to throw a few players which is a good sign.


Seb learned the harsh lesson of leaving your neck unprotected as his training partner strangled him and when Seb started tapping , the strangle seemed to get tighter. He felt himself going out  and his face turned a similar colour to his blue belt just before the Japanese player loosened his grip on the strangle.  I can only imagine that Seb had upset him somehow but I am assured that the Japanese players do this all the time.  Again the quality of the randori, Nage-komi and Uchi Komi was outstanding. I managed to have a good chat with Mr Okada who explained that all the players did education at the University and equal importance was placed on course work and Judo. We are joining in a session at 8.40am tomorrow morning with one of the professors at the University so 2 sessions tomorrow. Mr Okada is also taking us out for a meal on the evening.


Fitz’s inbuilt sat nav broke down tonight as he assured us he was taking us to a pizza place, but after a nice long walk we ended up going in the local Indian curry house. Food was ok and filling but none of us are massive Indian food fans. Fitz also took us the wrong way back, managed to get back in before the 10.00pm dorm lock in.


Also a special mention for the worlds best toilets in the dorm, heated seats and automatic bum wash, pure luxury.


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