Uchi mata – Reflecting on the session

This is the 6th post for my assignment on the EJU L4 performance coach award

My first aim was to try to acknowledge the learner’s existing knowledge and abilities from their demonstrations and examples of Uchi mata and their goal setting templates as this would form the foundations for improving their knowledge and skills.

I also felt it was important to interact with the players in a nonjudgmental and constructive manner during conversations and identified with the players the targeted skills required and a timeline for the practice of the technical skills process and I developed with the players, a plan for practice of the skills necessary to achieve some of the targets that were set together.

I believed that by engaging the players in reflection on the usefulness, effectiveness of the throw and need for continuation of this coaching process, I would get better involvement from the players in the process, as they would feel part of the actual process rather than relying on the coach to be the person providing all the input.

Sometimes I am guilty of maybe being too generic with the group, for example pushing one particular way of doing things and hoping that this suits everyone. This approach may have killed any creativity players may have had and doesn’t allow for individuals to think outside of the box.

Hopefully my approach in the Uchi mata session will bear fruit in time ?


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