UKCC Level 1 coaching award – update

Yesterday  Mr Dave Duffy from the British Judo Association came along to assess the students delivering a short judo session. Main focuses were ensuring  the students introduced themselves, the content of the sessions they were delivering and the relevant safety information. They needed to keep a good mat presence staying in control of the students and offering encouragement and engaging everyone in the class. A various range of skills were demonstrated ranging from warm ups, judo games, drills, techniques and suitable cool downs. An extra well done to CLARISSA who despite being on crutches following her knee injury, managed to deliver her session well. Feedback from Dave was really good with him highlighting competency and also areas for improvement along with action plans to work on. Everyone managed to progress and were judged to be competent in their level 1 coaching ability sp congratulations everyone !!!

Hers is a picture of the British Judo Associations head coach Mr Patrick Roux – maybe we have a potential National coach in the making? you have to aspire to something??

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