Demonstration and kind offer of sponsorship

Walsall College – where our judo students study their BTEC National diplomas recently recognised the outstanding contribution of former Chair of the Walsall Regeneration Company (WRC), Ben Reid, made to the build of its state of the art Wisemore Campus, by naming a block of the campus after him. We were asked to do a judo display for these very important visitors to showcase some of the talented youngsters who study at the college. There were displays from the performing arts students, a marching drill from the Public service students and then finally our Judo demo. There were some very influential people in attendance. One local businessman in particular was so impressed by our demonstration that he offered one of our students some financial support. Josh Hill was offered £200 to assist him in raising funds for his proposed trip to Japan in December. Its fantastic that there are generous people out there who are willing to support gifted local talent as funding and sponsorship is so difficult to find these days with the current financial climate. So many thanks to Mr Clive Jessup of JESSUP BUILD.DESIGN. – THANK YOU

Here is a link to their website :

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