The Importance of Nage Komi

Nage-komi or repetitive throwing is the best method available for developing complete rounded throwing skills and there are many types and varieties that can be employed, depending upon the situation. It is an excellent way to develop finishing skills and also to practice the transition from standing to groundwork. We have spent all week looking at how individual technique is progressing in nage komi practice, videoing it in practice and then comparing it with videos examples of good nage komi. Its key to each individual that their technique is accurate when doing Uchi Komi and Nage Komi as good technique will develop and they will be able to duplicate this in randori and contest situation. If Uchi Komi and Nage Komi technique is wrong you end up repeating the same mistake many many times. As a youngster you can probably get away with poor technique in competition as you can use strength to compensate, but when you are older and maybe competing abroad the opponents will probably be stronger and better conditioned in many instances so technique will be vital to winning, especially the higher up the performance ladder you go.

An example of Good Nage Komi:

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