New rules and Kumi Kata

This week we have looked at the new rules in regards to touching the leg and hansokumake. What has become evident is the importance now of having a dominant grip. By forcing your opponents posture to weaken they really only have 2 options:

1 – Touch the leg because they are having their head forced down and their posture is compramised and they then get Hansoku

2 – Flop to the floor and take a Shido or attempt to stand back up onto their feet from a kneeling position.

Point number 2 is now crucial and an area we have been looking at quite closely. Transition to ne-waza with your partner dropping to the floor ! and attacking your opponent with a strong trow as they attempt to get back up onto their feet. Building strength in the grip is also crucial so lots of rope work pull ups etc on the agenda.

Have a look at what throws are open to you and try to dominate with your strong grip !

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