Sankaku Waza

Worked on Sankaku Jime today – its a devastating technique if it can be perfected. Good exponents of this technique from Great Britain included Kerith Brown (Wolverhampton JC) and Karen Briggs. Its important to lock the head and arm tight at the beggining of the technique. When you have control of your opponent you can then begin to tie off the arm etc. When you have tied off the arm you then have more time to settle in the perfect position with the legs. Always ensure your opponents head is lying on the inside of your leg (as it would be as if he were lying on a pillow), try not to include parts of the shoulders in between the legs as this may mean you cannot wrap your legs round your partner properly which means the final squeeze will not be as strong.  I also managed to  dig out this old video I had that has everything “Sankaku” from warming up to all the different entries to sankaku. Enjoy !

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