Defending off your back

On Thursday we looked at a nice video of Mr Kashiwazaki defending in Newaza from his back. The use of his feet to ensure his partner didn’t get past his legs was very interesting. There were little exercises that helped to develop moving your legs/feet quickly to control his opponents body. It is crucial not to defend in Newaza facing the tatami on all fours. Any judo player with experience in groundwork will have you in a hold down, strangle or armlock within a few seconds. By defending face up you can see your opponent and still have the use of all four limbs to help combat your opponents attempts to get past your legs. you also reduce the risk of being held down if you can defend off your back. A good strong core is also crucial to ensure that the majority of your back stays off the mat with your head preferably above your opponents at all times. For anyone new to Judo any judo material you can get hold of  for Mr Kashiwazaki is definitely worth the money. Invest in some of his videos or books. He will guide you through probably some of the most important basics that will hold you in good stead for the future. Also practice moving your body around the mat whilst on your back without using your arms legs, give it a go !

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