Goal setting

It is important that as a judoka you have some kind of goals to work to. There should be a long term goal, maybe looking 10 years ahead, a medium term goal looking at say 12 months to 2 years ahead and short term goals either weekly or monthly. Set yourself realistic,achievable goals in the following performance areas, Judo (technical/tactical), Physical conditioning, Nutrition and psychology (mental state). Goals can be set in relation to the level you perform at, so for examples of the above on a short term basis lower level perfromance:

Judo performance : Identify 2 x Tokui-Waza (favorite techniques) and work on the basic fundamentals of the technique including Tai Sabaki, Kuzushi, Tsukuri and Kake elements of the techniques you have chosen. When practicing these techniques, write down what you did, what you learned from your coach, Uchikomi for the technique and how to adapt the technique to suit you including transition to Newaza and being able to use the throw effectively in various directions and in randori. This short/medium term goal could easily take many months to complete. By reflecting back on your note taking you can re-visit any areas you may have problems with in the future (go back to basics). Also have a purpose to your randori, so don’t just turn up and fight, work on the things you have done in your technical sessions and try them in randori, even at the expense of being thrown or countered.

Physical conditioning : This may be as simple as aiming to run 5 miles without stopping, write down and undertake things that can help you achieve this, i.e. start by running 1 mile and building up over time, buying a decent pair of running shoes, try to control your breathing etc

Nutrition : If you don’t know too much about nutrition then make the goals simple i.e. ensure that you have a water bottle filled for each judo practice, run before breakfast not after breakfast, eat a banana before training.

Psychology : Again make it simple, It may be something as easy as have positive thoughts before randori, “i will” do this/that. Download a video clip of an elite performer using your favorite technique in a major competition and stick it on your i-pod and watch it over and over, when your on the bus travelling to school/work.

Goals that you set need input from many other people such as your coach, colleagues, friends. If its high perfromance then you would most likely have a nutritionist, Psychologist and Strength & Conditioning coach, who will all impact on the goals you set and reaching these goals.

I have attached a template for you should you want to start goal setting.

04 Performance Action Plan – Judo

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