New Term Has Started

Well we have been back for 2 weeks now, we have 4 additions to the group and now have 9 full time students. The Judo clubs now supporting the program are, The University of Wolverhampton Judo Club (Walsall), 3K’s Judo Club (Smethwick), Wolverhampton Judo club (Wolverhampton) and Halesowen Judo Club (Halesowen). We also now have a young girl U48 Kg player. I am really pleased to have a new female player on board and hopefully we will get more females joining us in the future.

The first week was Induction, the usual Health and Safety stuff, nothing too interesting but still important.

The second week has been all about fitness testing and technical evaluation. We need to get a profile of where the players are in regards to their range of techniques and their all-round conditioning. As coaches we will assess the information and work with each individual to set some short term goals for improving technique, fitness etc. I have posted a couple of videos with regards to evaluating technical range, and also some of the basic stabilisation exercises Nico our S&C coach introduced the team of players to.

The technical evaluation video highlights that there is room for improvement with regards to movement. I also believe that the players need to be ready to go/move immediately as the test starts, you will notice that it all looks a bit static, players need to build on their ability to throw in different directions. The different coloured mats (chess board style) gives a big clue as to the directions that the throws can be completed. After taking a quick look at some of the results it is noticeable that players at this level are happy in their comfort zone, throwing to their stronger side mostly. Development in technique can lead to being competent at throwing in more than one direction, which involves moving UKE more.

There is also a newaza evaluation with scenarios with Uke in different starting positions.

Take a look !

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