A quick video of a drill designed to build stamina. Adapt it to the techniques you may be working on.

3 responses to “Stamina

  • Lance

    Dave you look like you are enjoying it way too much in your role as stopwatch watcher! 😉
    “Nothing but a good time” indeed.

    Nice drill though, bet the lads really felt that one the next day, heavy legs anyone.

    When I was prepping last year for the world masters I did a nasty drill in Reading with Big Dave at Reading University which was similar… the devil run.
    Basically 10 uchi komi, then run to the end of the dojo and back, 10 uchi komi and run, over and over till not only were my legs but the rest of me was jelly!

    I bet you, like him, were lying to the players “one more… ok one more… good one more!”

    Great video, cheers for posting it!


  • aasejudo

    I find these drills really easy – I manage to last longer than all the players together, Its hard work holding that stop watch. As they say all coaches are liers, you know the score, two minutes left on the clock and you tell the player”come on last minute, keep going” then a minute later “come on last minute, keep going” He He He.

  • james

    ty was a monster the bigest guy and he lasted the longest warrier

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