How not to win in judo

Just a bit of fun, thought I would compile a short video of the students losing.

Take a look  – if it works?

4 responses to “How not to win in judo

  • Lance Wicks

    Nice to see the new laptop being put straight to work.

    Nice to see a “lowlights” reel after watching all those highlights reels on YouTube. Shame you didn’t have footage of one of your guys trying to strangle Kosei Inoue by driving his knuckles down behind his ears.

    Keep it up guys!


    • aasejudo

      Thanks for the comment Lance. I wish I had an Applemac years ago. They are so straight forward.
      Hopefully when one of the lads win a match I can get some highlight reels too!! (only joking boys I know you have won a few)

  • Butch-Metal

    funny man
    very funny man 😐

  • james

    ty was so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!

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