Dedication is what you need, I have been finding it really difficult recently to blog, Its really annoyed me. You have to be dedicated, especially with a high workload it is sometimes the last thing on your mind. I will not give up trying as i do enjoy it. Maybe someone has some advice on this (Mr Wicks ???)

Anyway, recently we had someone from the NVQ awarding body (external verifyer) who came to see us to have a look through the work we were delivering. A nice man (and no I dont have to say that) who was very polite, but very thorough in his job. His remitt is to check what we are delivering is to standard. He was very happy after checking through the portfolios etc so its good to know we are on the right track.

On another point, the post about Seoinage where I attached a file, quite a few people have said they cant access the file, i am sorry but I have tried a few time to attach it but for some reason it doesnt work – Sorry.


One response to “Dedication

  • Lance

    well, I know well how you feel. Blogging is like Judo, it takes practice and some inspiration. Like Judo, some times the enthusiasm just plain goes.

    And just like Judo, you just need to keep going through the barrier. I had a tough blogging week last week myself.

    Have you a blog plan? What I mean is sit down with a bunch of people and do some brainstorming about posts for the blog. Then stop and pencil them into a diary somewhere.

    I’d love to hear more from the Apprentices, how do they find it? Why are they not blogging anyway??? 🙂

    I think your posts about what you are doing are terrific, share more there. It is so interesting to know what a programme like yours actually includes.

    Think perhaps of future participants, what a great resource to decide if they want to join. Maybe some more details on lectures etc? It is immensely valuable to other coaches and educators, think of the value it has to coaches outside of large countries who would find what you write interesting.

    Of course, when inspiration does strike, you don’t have to stop on one post. Write one or several posts at once. EIther leave the extras as drafts, or schedule them to be posted on a later date.

    One last tip, try a prolonged series, like the series I have ongoing on It takes some of the pressure off.

    Okay… actually I have one more tip. Read other Judo blogs then write a post that comments on what they have written from your perspective. I invite you to take any post from one of mysites and contradict the heck out of it! You are working with young people, do you agree with my recent posts about 10 years to Olympic level, so players needing to be 15 now? Write a blog post and agree/disagree.


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