Firstly if anyone has been following the blog I must appologise for not updating for a while, work commitments have not allowed the time. When doing a blog its really important to discipline yourself to update regularly.
Anyway, over the last few weeks the focus has really been on seoi Nage, Kuzushi, Tai Sabaki and Kumi Kata. Going over and over and over the same things. Also the intensity of the training has increased and the students have shown a desire to cope with the additional pressure which is really pleasing to see. The main difference I have seen recently is the change in attitude with regards to the learning process. They no longer rely solely on what the coach tells/shows them. I can see them trying to adapt their technique to suit their own style and they are now working without having to be told what to do. You have probably been there yourself as a junior, your sensei says practice Tai o toshi, you stop after a couple of throws, he asks why have you stopped, you say Ive done it, that sort of scenario.
Today we are trying to look at tempo/rythm with the assisstance of some dance music where we are going to move around , do Uchi Komi and try and feel a beat or rythm. we will see how it goes.


One response to “Update

  • Butch-Metal

    the session was good
    not too hard considering we have a contest on sunday
    but it does show even tho we ave been doing seoinage for a few weeks that we still have loads to learn about just this technique

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