Wednesday 14th Jan 09 -Seoi-Nage

Today was quite a heavy session where we worked on Seoi-Nage for 2 1/2 hours solid. Posture Grip and direction of throw were drilled and drilled and drilled until the boys were literally dead on their feet with fuel tanks definately empty. Quite a character building session but in reality it reflects how a performance athlete work typically work on a daily basis. Hopefully the students will take the session in the context it was aimed at, judo is definately a sport where if taken seriously you will have to put your body through the mill and learn to cope with the physically demanding nature of the sport at elite level. They may also appreciate how important it is to take time to rest, especially as most of them have randori tonight aswell. By the way I must comment on the Climbing ropes. Some of the students couldnt even climb up to half way a few months ago. The students have taken it upon themselves to climb the ropes after every judo session. Guess what? they can now climb to the top up to ten times each session. I must say a big well done to our students or ater all the climbing they have done recently should I now officially call them monkeys????

2 responses to “Wednesday 14th Jan 09 -Seoi-Nage

  • Lance

    Hi Monkeys!

    Good stuff, that rope climbing sounds hard. Well done, rather you than me!

    So what is your next challenge?


  • Butch-Metal

    climbing the ropes with just your hands
    2 of us can almost do the set amount but theres still work to be done

    the seoinage session was good
    killed my grips tho 😀

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