Wednesday 03rd December 08

Ne-waza was the topic covered today. Trying to highlight the fact that the higher the level of competition, being competent in Ne-waza becomes imperative both defensive and offensive. The transition between standing and Ne-waza is immediate and techniques such as armlocks, strangles hold downs etc can be applied instantly. We worked on a couple of strangles, one which I hadnt seen before but really really horrible if on the receiving end. Fitzroy the “Judo technique dictionary” as we now call him also stressed the imprtance of practicing things over and over and over again, spoke about the final of the U63Kg Lucie Decosse (FRA) – Ayumi Tanimoto (JPN) Beijing Olympics. Decosse had beaten Ayumi many times over the last few years. Ayumi had obviously studied Decosse’s techniques for the games. When Decosse attacks her  with Ouchigari she knew exactly what to counter her with, Uchimata. She had obviously praticed this counter many many many times. Fitzroy’s knowledge and range of techniques really is astounding. Obviously travelling round the world for the last 8 years with Craig Fallon he has picked up new ideas and put his own little personal touch to them. My neck is still sore 7 hours later from todays session.

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