Tuesday 02nd December 08 – Bad news all round

Strength and Conditioning today and only 3 out of six students fit. James and Rob competed in London at the weekend, Rob faught 2 lost 2. James won 1 lost 2. Rob has torn the muscles in his stomach and James has hurt his wrist. Ty had attended the Midlands Area World Class Start session and landed awkwardly and has dislocated his collar bone. The world class start programme is an excellent session for players with talent and is run by British Judo Association. The coach Jamie Johnson is an ex international and really is an excellent coach. Just to finish off the day Adam twisted his ankle during the s&c session leaving us with 2 players. Oh well that’s judo I suppose, no need to get paranoid its just the nature of the sport, as long as the students make sure their warm ups are done correctly including stretching etc then we should be okay. Hope Ty gets lucky, he has an appointment with a shoulder specialist on Friday am and hopefully his injury isnt too serious. All the lads are hoping he is fine.

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