Wednesday 26th & Thursday 27th November 08

Last couple of days we have been looking at Ne-Waza drills, movements etc. The emphasis has been placed on not allowing your partner to attack your back, ie. you are much better off defending on the ground by being on your own back where you can see your partner in front of you and still be able to defend using 2 hands and feet. I have put a clip of a short video of Adam demonstrating a short ne-waza drill he has put together himself. I think he gets hit in the “crown Jewels” somehow towards the end so decides to go off the mat !!! I have also enclosed a picture of big TY sporting a busted lip. James wanted me to put it on so everyone would know he had caused it just to reinforce he is a tuff guy and that everyone should be aware of this !! and I think TY wanted me to put it on as it makes him look hard ????? Oh well kids will be kids i suppose?

This video doesn’t exist

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