Wednesday & Thursday – 12/13th November 08

Last 2 days we have been looking at throw 5 of our core techniques “Uchi Mata” probably the most difficult. The students are finding it hard to complete the throw using all the fundamental basics of the throw. In the 1st video above I have posted a short clip of Yuko (Coach at Bath Uni) where she talks about the foot positioning. This to me is probably the most important part of the throw to get right. I have also posted a video of Rob – As you can see not a bad effort just needs a lot more practice.

2 responses to “Wednesday & Thursday – 12/13th November 08

  • Butch-Metal

    i was puttin in some of my bad habits from my old uchi mata in then
    ive gotta break them or they will just hold me back

  • aasejudo

    Dont worry too much Rob, The technique looks much better than your previous one. A bit of homework for you – I want you to find out what the Hikite and tsurite do? You were told this whilst learning the technique but not given the Japanese translation. Also a very important part of the throw.

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