Tuesday 11th November 08 – S&C Day

Tuesdays are strength and conditioning days, I just thought I would post a few quick videos of the students in action so you can see what kind of things they are doing. Theres nothing really technical but it is individual to each student. Next week is fitness testing where we measure increase in performance against simple set field test. Hopefully I can capture some video and results so you can see if theres any improvement?


5 responses to “Tuesday 11th November 08 – S&C Day

  • Lance

    I’d be interested to know what relationship between the exercises shown and Judo is?

    I have my opinion, I’d be interested in your (the apprentices?), interpretation of why those S&C exercises are relevant to Judo.

    Lance 🙂

  • aasejudo

    Lance, there is not really that much relevance in regards to the exercises and judo. As part of the unit structure for the qualification we have to deliver S&C around a set criteria i.e. speed, power, coordination, agility etc. I can see however that some of the exercises will help i.e. upper body strength improvement, explosive power and leg strength. You must also consider that these young students have never worked in this environment before and we have had to start off with really basic stuff. We have plans to tailor it more to judo related activity in time to come when the students are in a better physical condition all round. I also think that the best S&C you can do for judi is “MORE Judo” my thoughts anyway, I would be interested in your opinion please as I am always keen to take on new ideas and constructive critisism, cheers dave
    PS if any of the students log on do you feel these S&C exercises are helping your judo and How ?? please comment!

  • Lance

    OK… I follow.

    I suspect both exercises could be argued to have direct applicability to Judo.

    I was/am trying to incite those students to reply.



  • Butch-Metal

    Im an apprentice on the course (Rob) – blue shorts, white shorts, black socks in all the videos above.
    I think the circuit is helping slightly with my judo as in randori i have greater strength and endurance.
    aswell as the theraband work turning in for ippon seoinage, ive started using it in randori now.

    i never used to use ippon seoinage in randori as in my opinion the movements didnt fell natural with my style of fighting; now that i am more used to the movement of kuzushi and so on i am comforatable enough with the throw to attempt it and i have found several attempts to be sucessful so far.

  • Lance

    Hi Rob,

    good comments there.


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