Another Short clip

In my post on the 09th October I spoke about kuzushi, tsukuri, kake

I have posted a quick 30 second video of Yves Cadot and Jane Bridge discussing the initial use of the hips to create Kuzushi, something all judoka must try and look at and implement into their judo.

3 responses to “Another Short clip

  • Will

    I know this is short clip. But it is hard to understand what he is saying for the movement exercise. Can you type in his instructions to the group? Thanks, Will

  • Dave Elmore

    Will what he is saying is – Try not to move your feet for this exercise, use your belt (hips)to create the movement, try moving forwards, backwards, side to side etc. Dont think of Kuzushi being made just with the hands alone, your hips or Torso is more effective in breaking your opponents stable position, the hands can be introduced as a secondary movement. Something to that effect!

  • Will

    Excellent thank you very much!

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