Wednesday 05th November 08 – Assignment


Today we had a change to the planned usual Wednesday schedule, this was due to the fact that Ty and Josh were both recovering from cold/flu symptoms, Dale had hurt his shoulder as described yesterday and James had hurt his back in training. We therefore only had 2 fit bodies. I decided to give them an assignment to do. they had to study the two videos of Osaka Worlds 2003 and make notes on the range of techniques being used by the Judoka. They have to work as a group and present the information and results they find in a powerpoint presentation. Hopefully this will reinforce the importance of the 5 core techniques we have been working on in training and will highlight the fact that these techniques are used at the highest level of the sport. I will post the powerpoint presentation if I can so you can see the type of imformation they record and the results.

2 responses to “Wednesday 05th November 08 – Assignment

  • Will

    Looking forward to seeing the presentation, what are the 5 core techniques are they all tachiwaza?

  • aasejudo

    Hi Will, the 5 core techniques we have been working on are, O-Soto-Gari, O-Uchi-Gari, Ippon-Seoi-Nage, Tai-o-Toshi, Uchi-Mata. Will – whats your involvement in Judo if any, are you a player, coach or just interested in the sport, it would be nice to know?

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