Tuesday 04th November 08 – HOSPITAL !

We finished S&C early today so had a spare hour before the students needed to get off to college. We decided to do some Koka Training i.e. if you make a SCORE of Koka or above then you stay in and continue with the randori until someone scores on you. Whilst doing this Dale unfortunately landed heavily on his shoulder so I whisked him off to Accident & Emergeny dept to get it checked out. He had an x-ray etc and the Doctor told him there was no serious damage and to just rest and take a few pain killers. During my time in judo I have seen this happen on many occasions. I think it comes from lower graded or less experienced players not wanting to be thrown under any circumstances as they are trying so hard to improve and they see being thrown as being a negative aspect of their own judo or skill. I feel that its the opposite, you probably learn more from being thrown so try to relax as much as possible and make sure that your breakfall (ukemi) is good, you are then able to get straight back up without missing any training.

One response to “Tuesday 04th November 08 – HOSPITAL !

  • james

    it was a shame for dale and hope he recovers quick the koka train was good pracites for us and i think i larent alot,and how to fight diffrent players weights and sizes.

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