Thursday 23rd October 2008

 My first comment today is a BIG THANKYOU to Stuart and Yvonne at “TORAKI”   I have inserted a nice photo to show the new Judo Gi kindly supplied by them and a massive thanks to them for their support. The quality of the judo suits is top class and if you are looking to buy a good quality good priced affordable judo suit look no further. Anyway, first job of the day was a good mat clean, imperative for judoka who train on a regular basis as you can start to pick up nasty infections/rashes etc if the mats are not clean. We then had a look at an old coaching video (2002) which was put together by Roy Inman 8th dan and Mac Abbotts 6th dan both former GB national team coaches. The focus of this video was the different styles of Judo from Russian wrestling type movements to classical Japanese traditional upright Judo and wetern european which has a style of its own. Its important to adapt your judo to the different styles/type of opponent you are likely to come up against in a competative environment. We looked at Yoko-Otoshi, Kata Guruma and a nice leg grab that could be used as a lead into Kata Guruma. All these techniques were performed using a grip on the back of Uke’ shoulder to ensure a tight grip for the throw. 

3 responses to “Thursday 23rd October 2008

  • judoty

    Today was a good session, I got nice and warmed up from just cleaning the Dojo mats…
    I enjoyed learning some of the aspects of Russian judo, it was something I did not really know much about… Yoko-Otoshi and Kata Guruma were both throws I did not really know too much about either… so this was a session to learn from…
    Think some of the guys though were getting little tired of my weight pressing against their faces though :p I would not want it I can tell you that…

  • Butch-Metal

    I have to agree with ty it was a very good session on russian judo
    the throws we covered were quite useful for me being a light weight player
    particularly the yoko-otoshi it is a throw i used in the past but has been improved upon greatly

  • dale

    well lets be honest ti it is judo s we have to all get use to it and u no what i say is brng it on

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