Wednesday 22nd October 2008

 circuits today as normal to start, after which it was back with Fitzroy to continue with technical progression. We started this session by recapping on Juji Gatame and the drills/plan to work to to ensure the technique becomes effective, the old saying practice makes perfect definately rings true. We then moved on to look at O-Uchi Gari, one of the 5 core techniques we are focusing on. Importance was placed on keeping hips straight and driving into Uke with the hips and chest to get the backwards motion. It is imprtant to keep the leg that hooks “high” in order to make it difficult for Uke to step off. Again we looked at the role of the grip and how it needs to work together with the hips chest and leg as well as foucusing on the drive backwards. For the final session I decided to put the lads through their paces and put  them under pressure. The task was to get the students physically tired so that they had to rely on using technique rather than strength. One person stands in the middle of the tatami surrounded by a circle of Ukes. He starts with 2 deep squats and then runs to the first Uke, throws them and then runs back to the middle of the tatami and again completes another 2 squats and repeats this for 4 minutes. By around 2 to 3 minutes breathing becomes heavy and leg muscles start to fill with lactic acid (wobbly legs), and their physical strength reduces thus the need to rely on pure technique rather than strength. The session came to a close with a further 2 minutes of non stop speed throwing onto the safety mats.

2 responses to “Wednesday 22nd October 2008

  • judoty

    Enjoyed this day… the circuit was little different with the added weight bags on the 3 way sprint… I thought this was a good addition to the print to make it a little more harder.
    The session with Fitz was good the technique of O-Uchi Gari was a little different from the original one I was taught but I found it worked better. I was made to do 20 push ups though… for having my lapel hand in the wrong position, but those kind of things help me to make sure I don’t do it again.. and trust me.. I did not do it again.

  • Butch-Metal

    The session with fitz today was great
    he went through a juji-gatame hold and arm lock i was unable to do the previous week due to injury
    he also gave me great insentive to be less of a nice guy with newaza
    otherwise id have to play ‘connect 4’ (fitz saide with a clenched fist) haha

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