Thursday 16th October 2008

Today we looked at the importance of obtaining a sleeve and lapel grip and how to stop your opponent from obtaining their sleeve / lapel grip. We studied Kumikata strategies from the Jeon DVD looking at methods of breaking off grips, how to block opponents techniques using a strong grip and what direction to move away from your opponents strong throwing side. We then had a hard gripping session where we put each individual in the middle of the mat and got someone to pressure them with strong overhead high grips. The person in the middle had to work at breaking off this grip and obtaining their own strong sleeve and lapewl grip. This was repeated with a fresh body every minute for 5 minutes. Around the 3 minute mark the person in the middle becomes very tired and finds the opponents grip harder to remove and their posture also starts to waiver, head drops, breathing becomes shallow (panting) etc. This is a good conditioning excersise to show the importance of good Kumikata and body posture. We then finished off with a game of handball where my team unfortunately lost and a quick run through from Adams competition footage. He won a Bronze medal at the weekend in the British championships, so well done. What was nice to see from the the footage was that he was actually trying the things we have been working on in training so a big Well Done for that too Adam!!!


One response to “Thursday 16th October 2008

  • judoty

    I liked this day because we looked at a different style of gripping which I always like to look at.
    This style of grip I liked very much because of the way you can use it to manipulate your opponents movements, not only while standing but also while they are trying to attack.
    Also the 5 minute exercise we did was quite hard, I tried to deflect the guys overhead reach instead of letting them put it on and therefore putting more pressure on me to take it off, I could have done another session of that after a short break.

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