Itsutsu No Kata & Kuzushi, Tskuri, and Kake

Todays 3 hour technical session we looked at the Itsutsu No Kata and its applications.

Direct action – Techniques where Tori applies force in one direction and Uke falls in that direction.

Reaction – techniques where uke applies force in one direction and then falls in that direction.

Cyclonic action, techniques where tori and/or uke provide force in a circular movement which tori controls by taking control of the centre of a circle.

The wave, techniques where energy is expended fully in one direction to its completion and then quickly reversed.

 The void, Techniques where uke expecting to be met by an opposing force launches into a powerful attack which tori avoids and allows uke to throw himself. 

These basic principles of movement can be implemented into modern day judo but requires years of practive to become effective.

We also looked at Kuzushi and how to use our hips to create the initial Kuzushi before using the hands to create the movement. It was also explained that there are many different ways of unstabling, breaking down, your opponents comfortable state or position, this can be done by simply stamping down on the mat in front of your opponent causing them to react/flinch, or fake going for a big high grip with the intention of getting a reaction from Uke in order to throw with Morote gari.

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