This week has included a Technical Evaluation. We have got the players to demonstrate over a 2 minute time scale their own range of throws and have video footage so we can compare this again when we repeat it in 3 months time. Techniques should again improve over time and the footage gives the coaches and players opportunity to analyse their technique.

After viewing the footage we have agreed to focus our technical sessions on 5 key techniques:

O Soto Gari, Tai O Toshi, Uchi Mata, O Uchi Gari and Seoi Nage

Wednesday and Thursdays technical sessions have been focusing on Ippon Seoi Nage and O Soto Gari, with special attention paid to the grip, Kuzushi, foot placement and throw completion. We have also worked on Juji Gatame and looked at Neil Adams Grappling video. We paid particular attention to the catch (grabbing the arm) immediately applying pressure to the elbow and surrounding muscle area and the role of the legs when completing the Juji Gatame roll.

As a result of this Tuesday’s strength and conditioning session Nico has put together a 22 week programe and set Short, Medium and long term goals aimed at improving speed, core stability, co-ordination and agility and increasing all round strength.

One thing that I have noticed is that the players are finding it very demanding in these first few weeks, this is expected I think as all of them have never trained at such a high volume before.

Hopefully that brings you up to date, I know i have been brief so far but now I have caught up I can hopefully add more detailed information as I post.


2 responses to “WEEK 3

  • Judo

    How demanding are they finding the college work, or fitting in any additional study necessary?

  • aasejudo

    They are coping okay with the college work etc at the moment, i suppose it will get more demanding as the course progresses. They are currently working on how the body functions, health and safety and communication and basic skills.

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